Composers Featured in our Winter 2018 Concert “illumina”

Kit Abrahamson
Kit earned his Master’s degree in composition from the University of Oregon in 2012 and his Ph.D. in music theory in 2016. He recently resumed composing after a break to pursue his studies. He mostly writes chamber music on request from friends. His main interests are music theory pedagogy, cello, singing, dogs, trans/queer issues, and medieval sword fighting. Kit looks forward to deepening his musical engagement as a key element of his life through additional performances and commissions.

Naama Friedman
Naama is a student at Reed College, currently studying political science. She has studied music since the age of five, through piano lessons and by singing in choirs. She was heavily involved in the choir program at her high school in Evanston, Illinois, and now performs with the Reed College choir. Writing and performing music brings Naama immense joy. She has independently pursued composing choral works, initially through a cappella arrangements of popular songs. Tonight’s concert is among the first few performances of her work. @naamafriedmanmusic

Emily MacDonald
After an early, tumultuous bout with the Suzuki piano method, most of Emily’s formative musical experiences were gleaned from public school programs. Prone to paralyzing stage fright, Emily has always preferred sharing the stage with choirs and orchestras over solo performances. Emily plays guitar, trumpet, keyboard, and other instruments, and has played and recorded with several Portland area bands over the past 15 years, including experimental indie-pop songwriting duo The Leaning Towers. Concept albums, “song-a-day” challenges, and creating songs from field recordings of local trains are a few of her varied musical projects. Emily also sings with Blueprint Ensemble Arts. She’s excited to help other local emerging composers realize their creativity and hear their work performed.

Sean Musaeus
A summa cum laude graduate of Warner Pacific University with a degree in music theory and composition, Sean is an active composer, pianist, poet, and filmmaker. He has written music for a wide range of ensembles, from solo piano to choral and instrumental groups, and has scored a number of short films and video essays. He is also a winner of the Music Publishers Association national video scholarship and is the creator of the video essay channel Musings, which has over one million views on YouTube. Sean looks forward to additional commissions, compositions, and performances of his work.

Kate Sattler
Kate is a musician, composer, and creative producer with roots in Minneapolis and Portland. She took piano lessons as a child and has sung in choirs, but has no training in music composition. This concert is among the first performances of her choral work. This year, Kate released an indie music album under the name Sweet Freeze in which she wrote, performed, and recorded all of the songs. She’s currently producing an accompanying collection of music videos. She has two kids and runs a creative agency for social justice organizations. Kate loves collaborating with other artists, producing music and film projects, and promoting storytelling and social justice through the arts.

Philip Serino
Philip Serino is an American composer, singer/songwriter, and producer. Serino earned his B.A. in 2012 in Music Composition, with a minor in vocal performance. He has extensive experience leading songs in church, summer camps, weddings, and special occasions. Serino’s primary instrument is his voice, the piano is his blank canvas, and he can’t wait to establish his own jazz band. Philip has a unique style and creative ability to press into the unknown. He gets bored performing the same thing twice and audiences can hear his passion for music. Philip considers himself a storyteller and strives to help others discover their own voice, so they, too, can express themselves as who they choose to be: “If you have a story, you have a voice.” Philip looks forward to collaborating with artists on music and video projects and on efforts to ensure resources are available to everyone to express themselves through music.

Marisa Wildeman
Marisa Wildeman earned her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Composition from Portland State University in 2016. She has since studied privately with internationally-acclaimed composer Eriks Ešenvalds in Riga, Latvia, and debuted original works at recitals in the Portland area. Marisa’s compositions paint a surrealist soundscape that elicit strong emotions and envelope listeners in an evocative musical world. She blends her passion for the intimate nature of music with humanitarian concerns. Past vocal performances include a 9/11 tribute concert at Lincoln Center, a concert on Portland’s Waterfront to benefit people experiencing homelessness, concerts with the Portland State Choir and Oregon Symphony, and international tours and competitions. She is a section leader in multiple church and community ensembles and teaches private voice and piano lessons to students of all ages. Marisa seeks to make composing a priority and to find niches in the community that inspire her and lead to lasting connections with other composers and singers.

Featured works were selected from a variety of submissions from local composers on themes of illumination, anticipation, and renewal. We’re grateful to all who submitted their beautiful music for consideration. Please subscribe below if you’d like to be notified of future calls for submissions.

*solo guitar & vocal performance
**choral and instrumental works performed