Call for Scores for Foris’ Spring/Summer 2020 Season
Themes: Courage, Strength, Compassion & Vulnerability

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 12, 2020, at 8PM PST

Foris Choir seeks original choral works from emerging composers and composers from underrepresented communities in the Portland area and Pacific Northwest region.

This is a great opportunity for emerging, aspiring, creative composers and musicians to hear a choir perform their music and to engage directly with experienced singers during the process!

We seek music that connects with the themes of strength, courage, connection, and/or vulnerability — in whatever way is meaningful to you.

Foris’ themes are open-ended and not literal. (See previous concert programs for examples.) The themes are simply intended to help you choose which work(s) from your current collection to submit. We don’t require any new work to be created for submission.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Composers who have had few if, any experiences, hearing their work performed

  • Composers from underrepresented communities, especially composers of color, LGBTQIA+ composers, composers with disabilities, and youth

Music Compositions

  • Works must be a cappella.

  • Works can be for any combination of voices (e.g., SATB, SSAA, TB). We are unable to perform works that require more than two splits per voice part (e.g., SSSAAA, SSSAAATTTBBB).

  • Works should be under 10 minutes in length.

  • Works can be in any genre.

  • Composers can submit 1 or 2 works for consideration.

  • We seek works written for a variety of singer-experience levels from professional singers to those new to choral music.

  • Ideally, works will be submitted in PDF format using standard notation and accompanied by an audio recording, but we’re flexible and happy to work with you to get your piece practice-ready.

Timeline & Process

  • Foris will accept submissions November 1, 2019 - January 10, 2020 (8:00pm PST) for Foris’ Spring/Summer 2020 season.

  • Any works submitted prior to 10/27/19 via Foris’ revolving call for submissions will be considered alongside new works that adhere to the seasonal theme. If you’ve previously submitted a work (and meet the eligibility criteria) and want to submit a different work for consideration, you are welcome to do so!

  • Works will be selected to create a dynamic concert program that showcases a variety of artistic styles and spotlights emerging composers and composers from underrepresented communities.

  • Composers whose works are selected will meet with the Foris choir during the rehearsal season to provide direction and info regarding their vision for the work and get feedback from and exchange ideas with the singers. This is always a very meaningful and warm exchange!

  • Composers may also receive some mentoring support in refining their pieces if desired.

  • Featured composers will be highlighted in promotional materials and at the performance.

  • Everyone who submits a work will be notified whether or not their work will be performed by Foris.

  • We sometimes draw on previous submissions for rehearsals and performances. If your work is not selected for our spring/summer 2020 season, we hope we might consider your piece in the future. (If so, we would request your permission to perform it.)

  • We will keep your submitted work confidential and not share it with anyone besides our volunteer leadership.

To Submit Your Work

  • Works must be submitted online using our Google application.

  • Submissions open Friday, November 1, 2019.

  • Submission deadline: Sunday, January 12, 2020, at 8PM PST.

Questions? Contact us with questions or for more information or if assistance is needed in completing the application.

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Thank you!