Revolving Call for Scores

Foris Choir seeks original choral works from emerging composers and composers from underrepresented communities in the Portland area.


  • Composers who have had few if, any experiences, hearing their work performed.

  • Composers from underrepresented communities facing systemic barriers to performances, especially composers of color, LGBTQIA composers, and composers with disabilities, and youth.

  • Works must be a cappella. They can be any combination of voices (e.g., SATB, SSAA). Works should be under 10 minutes in length.

  • Submitted works can be in any genre.

  • Ideally, works will be submitted in PDF format using standard notation, accompanied by an audio recording, but we’re flexible and happy to work with you to get your piece practice-ready.

  • Past composers have ranged from those with advanced degrees and extensive expertise to self-taught musicians with little formal training.

  • Composers whose works are performed meet with the Foris choir to provide direction and info regarding their vision for the piece and to get feedback from and exchange ideas with the singers. Composers may also receive some mentoring support in refining their pieces if desired.

This is a great opportunity for new and aspiring composers to hear their choral work performed for the first time. If you’re considering submitting a piece that’s still in progress, feel free to reach out and let us know what you have planned.

To Submit Your Work

If interested, please email us with:

  1. A description of your experience composing choral music and any opportunities, if any, you’ve had to hear your music performed.

  2. Your original work in PDF format, along with a MIDI or live audio recording if you have one.

Works submitted for consideration will not be shared with anyone outside of the choir. Everyone who submits a work will be notified whether or not their work will be performed by Foris. (If a work is selected for performance by Foris, the composer will be notified of the venue and date, and be promoted in promotional materials and at the performance.)

Questions? Contact us with questions or for more information. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list below. Thank you!